ABOUT LINE ARCHITECTS is a multinational interdisciplinary practice led by architects Tornike Chelidze and Zubin Daboo. The Europe-based office focuses on investigating habits and trends of our modern society and varied cultures, with a first-hand aim: experimentation. How to experience contemporary space and current ways of living is one of our major and recurring challenges. Throughout a meticulous analysis of the constant change in habits, due to current economic situations or the fast-pace development in technology, we make our best to deliver the most appropriate solutions to challenges set to us. We also believe that sustainability is an unquestionable part of our design. At Line Architects we also investigate in existing densified cities, which are the very spinal chord of our culture and our new natural habitat. We focus on optimizing the use of exhaustible resources to make maximum use of clean energy. A line can be simple, short, infinite, thick, light, curved, harmonious in a complex environment, disturbing in a well-balanced gearing...A line can guide the imagination to limitless borders and trigger passionate arguments, before finally settling in mutual agreement and respect. A line starts poetry in a chaos... .Expect us to be the LINE.
Zubin Daboo architect founder
Tornike Chelidze architect founder